Palagi Design is a pioneer company in providing products with Italian technology in Brazil. It provides the best solutions in surface finishes for the leather, footwear, accessories, furniture, decoration, clothing, health care, banner and gift segments.

Its wide range of products and services includes:

  • Application of resin films (Unitrans), foils and digital prints.
  • Sale of fabrics and spandex in different compositions for different applications.
  • Digital printing through sublimation, with the development of exclusive prints for the segments served.
  • It holds, exclusively throughout the American continent, the Blob System┬« technology, which attributes a three-dimensional effect to surfaces.
  • Fractionated sale of hot stamping foils.
  • Labor force services for the application of various finishes.

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Since 2004, Palagi Design has been an exclusive partner of Menphis for the sale and distribution of hot stamping foils in Brazil.

Inspired by global fashion trends, Menphis develops and produces Unitrans designs and foils with high quality and definition. Located in Italy, it is a pioneer company in the supply of hot stamping foils, caring for the high quality and performance of its finishes.


Palagi acts as an exclusive representative of Rosset, the largest company in the textile segment in Latin America – using Lycra┬« fiber – with the Brazilian footwear sector.

The partnership, established in 2019, allows Palagi to provide the complete line of Rosset products, which includes spandex, lace and prints for the fitness, lingerie and beachwear segments. The Group, founded in 1939, is composed by companies Rosset, Doutex and Estamparia Salete, with 14 manufacturing units that generate over 2,500 jobs.